Wine not?

I like deep stuff, you know, seeking the Holy Grail makes my days fun. I always wonder about life and death but when my birthday comes, I analyze and dig a lot. I awaken recollections, I count dreams that came true... Silly, but it helps me feel thankful and special, not old and lost. Of [...]


The Rhodopes are one of the places with a lot of mana and definitely my favorite destination in Bulgaria. The roads are challenging but picturesque and the whole experience is quite magical. Traveling in those mountains with close friends always brings me some precious insights. I know every journey has its own charm but some [...]

Winter is over

At last! I don't mind winter in general but it was hard for me to enjoy this particular one. I mostly felt exhausted despite having a really good time (introvert's problems). It's nice to be stuck in the city as there are many events to attend to. However, I miss the mountain's beauty and all these [...]

Hello dear friends and strangers :)

Some of you may know that I am looking forward to beginning a new quest. I just completed one, successfully, and it took me 5 years, 5 months and 5 days. There is something fishy about the number 5, I know, especially in the middle of March when it all ended. This has to do [...]