Wine not?

I like deep stuff, you know, seeking the Holy Grail makes my days fun. I always wonder about life and death but when my birthday comes, I analyze and dig a lot. I awaken recollections, I count dreams that came true in order to feel thankful and special, not old and lost. It works every time. Of course, I feel sorry for the things I haven’t done right or haven’t done at all, but the way I think about what “I’ve missed” is different. I don’t judge myself like before, I complain less and I don’t identify with my achievements or disappointments. Sure, they are part of my story but I am so much more than a story, just like every human. We are incredible beings with unlimited potential. We can improve each moment as it flies, we can move, we can think, we can create, we can play, we can express feelings in so many ways… The possibilities are endless in this majestic journey we are on. We are unique artists and I admire the art of living.

Mood: Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime

I met a guy years ago, who helped me during a hard time in my life when almost everything that could go wrong, went wrong. We weren’t very close but he taught me the most profound practice – to remember that life is for enjoying. Since then this is like a motto of my path. It sounds cliche but it’s powerful as it reveals new opportunities, joyful ones. I am familiar with the law of attraction but it still amazes me how it works. When I follow my bliss, magic happens.

Mood: Morcheeba – Enjoy the Ride

I wanted to celebrate my birthday on the road with favorite people. The girls were immediately in, so there we were – a car full of happiness, in other words – four ladies headed to the smallest town in Bulgaria – Melnik. Wine tasting, roses, and stunning views – the idyllic atmosphere I was looking for ♡

Melnik is so nice, we felt like we were in a fairy tale. Apart from the wine, the food, and the museums, the place is perfect for hiking. There are many trails through the forest that lead to cute churches or breathtaking landscapes. We couldn’t walk them all but for a weekend escape, we did pretty well.

Turning 31 in a place like this felt really good. And the girls made it even better, I truly felt like the queen of my castle ♡ Their presence in my life is so appreciated – I share lots of favorite memories with them and it’s fantastic that we keep making new ones.

Mood: Groove Armada – My Friend

My friendship with the ladies is uplifting and I think we all deserve that gentle support I am lucky enough to have. I believe the key to such a beautiful connection is honesty. When we leave our “I am fine” and “I can do everything” masks away, we become more vulnerable but also more empathetic.  I wish more people see and embrace the things as they are instead of pushing themselves into different roles and toxic relationships. We all gain when we experience life as it is instead of denying “the bad stuff”, we become closer not only to each other but to ourselves, too. My friends are wonderful mirrors – they show me my weaknesses and my strengths, they navigate me along the way and they always have my back. We laugh hard, which I find it’s the best thing ever. Surrounded by the closest mates it’s easy for me to tune in and to be present.

Mood: Pascal Letoublon – Friendships

I am not religious but I love churches and monasteries because of the architecture and the calmness. Next to Melnik is the Rozhen monastery and we went there to enjoy the tranquility and to buy some crystals 😀 We definitely filled up the mana for the week ahead.

Mood: Télépopmusik – Breathe

And that was all folks! The next trip is coming soon, so stay on track ツ

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The Rhodopes are one of the places with a lot of mana and definitely my favorite destination in Bulgaria. The roads are challenging but picturesque and the whole experience is quite magical. Traveling in those mountains with close friends always brings me some precious insights. I know every journey has its own charm but some vacations are just more powerful than others.

Mood: Isihia – Rhodope

I reunited with some of the wizards I told you about. We were disguised well, you know, like ordinary people. I even left my wings at home, although they fit in the trunk of my car. I knew this trip will let me dive deeper into myself, so there was no need for distraction.

We arrived right on time for sunset to see the golden waters of Dospat reservoir. Perfect moment to feel blessed.

Mood: Smallman & Ivan Shopov featuring Avigeya – Rhodopes

Some raspberry wine, music, dancing, laughable conversations and the good night sleep was guaranteed. I was determined to get up early to capture the sunrise which turned out to be not an easy task. I felt so tired and sleepy but when I opened the bungalow’s door and saw the stunning view, any discomfort vanished. Or I just forgot about it, spellbound by the beauty around me.

Mood: Dead Can Dance – Opium

When my days start this way, they are always good ones. That sunny Saturday wasn’t an exception. We didn’t need potion because of that huge magic well which helped us restore some spell points.

No matter what our current occupation is, we all need to connect with the Earth and to spend time in nature, just to play, chill and unleash our thoughts. We were overdosing on vitamin D and enjoying the fresh air and the magnificent landscapes all day.

I also couldn’t complain about the food – the people in the restaurant were kind enough to make a vegan variant of my favorite traditional dish patatnik. I also appreciated the salads, the bean soup, and the potatoes. Add some wine and the view below for a perfect evening.

Next morning I wasn’t so excited to jump out of the bed but I am glad I did it. I usually have beautiful thoughts in the morning and I didn’t want to miss them – I am thankful for being alive and for the opportunity to create the reality I prefer with my everyday choices. Why not magnify that feeling next to the lake?! I love the way the water changes depending on the light. I guess we, the people, are the same – being that huge amount of water ourselves (over at least 70%), we also reshape as per the light we allow to pass through us. We can control its access to our minds and my camera is a great analog – the right settings are the key to good images as the right mindset is the key to great memories.

Mood: Stan Kolev – Water Of Life

“Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.”

Sailing matched my cogitations and I was delighted that we were all in. Check out some happy faces 🙂

We had a tradition to visit the Rhodope mountains ‘every autumn’, but I think we just changed it to ‘each season’. There is so much more to explore there and I can’t wait to be back. I will keep you posted ツ

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Winter is over

At last! I don’t mind winter in general but it was hard for me to enjoy this particular one.
I mostly felt exhausted despite having a really good time (introvert’s problems). It’s nice to be stuck in the city as there are many events to attend to. However, I miss the mountain’s beauty and all these breathtaking sunrises. Winter landscapes are uncanny. There is something twisted about being so epic and so cruel at the same time, which mirrors my gratefulness for life itself and all dark voices that undervalue the power of every experience.

(Mood: ZHU – Good Life)

I am fascinated by the duality – the nature of everything we as humans go through the years. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, forget that life is all about fun and growth, and build our future around illusions. The illusion of safety is the most appealing one, cause the fear of the unknown has mastered its role. It can affect us deeply and as a result, we start labeling our own desires as caprices or, my favorite – impossible and refuse to act on them. Luckily, our dreams will hunt us down until we have the courage to fulfill them. We just have to step out of our comfort zone, climb a peak and check out the bigger picture. Sooner or later, we all realize that the focus can be changed from that tiny fragment ruining our days. And once this is done, the whole image changes dramatically, it is still scary but marvelous too, both always go hand in hand.

Have you ever felt your current state as a preparation for something much more meaningful to you? I always do, when I go through a big change. Crazy times. I resist letting go at first but my world keeps collapsing until I have nothing to hold on to and eventually surrender. After I cry and/or allow myself just to be empty for a while, I suddenly start dancing again (literally). And poof – magically (ah, those wizards…), like nothing happened, I’m ready to move on. I am even embarrassed for recharging so quickly after being so sad but it is what it is. And I like the ease. Whether we are talking about a job, a friendship or a relationship – it’s always some kind of ship that sank (maybe in my tears) and somehow I survived reaching the most beautiful land.

(Mood: The XX – Intro)

Freedom is spectacular, especially in spring, when everything is flourishing, the scents are like opium, the birds are singing and I can almost see myself turning into a unicorn. It is so easy to believe that all the possibilities are possible and to remove the burden from the past. However, adopting a new lifestyle won’t happen overnight, it is a process. And I am collecting its highlights here. Stay tuned ツ

(Mood: Stan Kolev – Here In The Now)

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Hello dear friends and strangers :)

Some of you may know that I am looking forward to beginning a new quest. I just completed one, successfully, and it took me 5 years, 5 months and 5 days. There is something fishy about the number 5, I know, especially in the middle of March when it all ended. This has to do something with the wizards I was on the journey with, they cast spells for everything. I was an apprentice and had the opportunity to observe how the magic happens. Might have soaked some wisdom. Can’t tell yet, but I definitely feel wiser. And I insist it’s not because of the glasses. Besides the cool artifacts though, I’ve also learned some skills like understanding and transforming emotions, that turned out to be the key to wellbeing. And I can finally use my wings. Sometimes they turn into a broom but flying around is still pretty good. In general, precious years. Totally worth it.

(Mood: Peter Gundry – The Magician)

I used to wonder why the magicians always have some pet accompanying them. Animals increase the resistance to bullshit which is really helpful, not only for keeping up the good mood but in order to achieve goals effectively. The main advantage of having a fluffy creature as a friend is that they teach us stuff.
I live with a cat. Here is her recipe for dealing with everyday challenges – when one occurs, first, take a nap. When Awake(), it might be gone. Sometimes it is better to allow issues to get resolved by themselves instead of trying to fix everything. She also preaches that when an opportunity for something new arises, even if it’s risky, if you want it, you should take it. Who cares about the window, when there is a pigeon outside, go for it. If you bounce back and fall on the floor feeling dizzy, at least something happened – you’ve learned to mind the window. Or not. Well, practice makes perfect.

(Mood: Cujo – Cat People)

In that tone of voice, I recently decided to be brave (or stupid) and to dive into the unknown which now seems so attractive. Never been trained for that. This should be a school subject – how to handle ourselves when our dreams come true. Or how to be productive during FIFA World Cup. You feel me. I’m devoting the following months (hopefully a year) to exploring new places, people, and situations. Not sure if this will work out because I have limited resources and a girl’s gotta eat, but at least I finally have the time to start blogging and to level up in photography. Imago journey is all about chasing the light, kindly accompanied by my exceptional vision for life. Wish me luck and enjoy ツ

(Mood: Orbital – Halcyon On and On)

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