Hello dear friends and strangers :)

Some of you may know that I am looking forward to beginning a new quest. I just completed one, successfully, and it took me 5 years, 5 months and 5 days. There is something fishy about the number 5, I know, especially in the middle of March when it all ended. This has to do something with the wizards I was on the journey with, they cast spells for everything. I was an apprentice and had the opportunity to observe how the magic happens. Might have soaked some wisdom. Can’t tell yet, but I definitely feel wiser. And I insist it’s not because of the glasses. Besides the cool artifacts though, I’ve also learned some skills like understanding and transforming emotions, that turned out to be the key to wellbeing. And I can finally use my wings. Sometimes they turn into a broom but flying around is still pretty good. In general, precious years. Totally worth it.

(Mood: Peter Gundry – The Magician)

I used to wonder why the magicians always have some pet accompanying them. Animals increase the resistance to bullshit which is really helpful, not only for keeping up the good mood but in order to achieve goals effectively. The main advantage of having a fluffy creature as a friend is that they teach us stuff.
I live with a cat. Here is her recipe for dealing with everyday challenges – when one occurs, first, take a nap. When Awake(), it might be gone. Sometimes it is better to allow issues to get resolved by themselves instead of trying to fix everything. She also preaches that when an opportunity for something new arises, even if it’s risky, if you want it, you should take it. Who cares about the window, when there is a pigeon outside, go for it. If you bounce back and fall on the floor feeling dizzy, at least something happened – you’ve learned to mind the window. Or not. Well, practice makes perfect.

(Mood: Cujo – Cat People)

In that tone of voice, I recently decided to be brave (or stupid) and to dive into the unknown which now seems so attractive. Never been trained for that. This should be a school subject – how to handle ourselves when our dreams come true. Or how to be productive during FIFA World Cup. You feel me. I’m devoting the following months (hopefully a year) to exploring new places, people, and situations. Not sure if this will work out because I have limited resources and a girl’s gotta eat, but at least I finally have the time to start blogging and to level up in photography. Imago journey is all about chasing the light, kindly accompanied by my exceptional vision for life. Wish me luck and enjoy ツ

(Mood: Orbital – Halcyon On and On)

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