Winter is over

At last! I don’t mind winter in general but it was hard for me to enjoy this particular one.
I mostly felt exhausted despite having a really good time (introvert’s problems). It’s nice to be stuck in the city as there are many events to attend to. However, I miss the mountain’s beauty and all these breathtaking sunrises. Winter landscapes are uncanny. There is something twisted about being so epic and so cruel at the same time, which mirrors my gratefulness for life itself and all dark voices that undervalue the power of every experience.

(Mood: ZHU – Good Life)

I am fascinated by the duality – the nature of everything we as humans go through the years. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, forget that life is all about fun and growth, and build our future around illusions. The illusion of safety is the most appealing one, cause the fear of the unknown has mastered its role. It can affect us deeply and as a result, we start labeling our own desires as caprices or, my favorite – impossible and refuse to act on them. Luckily, our dreams will hunt us down until we have the courage to fulfill them. We just have to step out of our comfort zone, climb a peak and check out the bigger picture. Sooner or later, we all realize that the focus can be changed from that tiny fragment ruining our days. And once this is done, the whole image changes dramatically, it is still scary but marvelous too, both always go hand in hand.

Have you ever felt your current state as a preparation for something much more meaningful to you? I always do, when I go through a big change. Crazy times. I resist letting go at first but my world keeps collapsing until I have nothing to hold on to and eventually surrender. After I cry and/or allow myself just to be empty for a while, I suddenly start dancing again (literally). And poof, like nothing happened, I’m ready to move on. I am even embarrassed for recharging so quickly after being so sad but it is what it is. And I like the ease. Whether we are talking about a job, a friendship or a relationship – it’s always some kind of ship that sank (maybe in my tears) and somehow I survived reaching the most beautiful land.

(Mood: The XX – Intro)

Freedom is spectacular, especially in spring, when everything is flourishing, the scents are like opium, the birds are singing and I can almost see myself turning into a unicorn. It is so easy to believe that all the possibilities are possible and to remove the burden from the past. However, adopting a new lifestyle won’t happen overnight, it is a process. And I am collecting its highlights here. Stay tuned ツ

(Mood: Stan Kolev – Here In The Now)

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