Enchanting scent of Linden and art

I love Plovdiv. Actually, I don’t know a person who doesn’t. Apart from the architecture, the views from the hills and the whole cozy atmosphere (before the summer heat), I love the fact that creativity is a must there. Not sure if the people are inspired by the place itself, or they just attract each other with some sort of an invisible magnet but it’s heartwarming to see so much beauty a heap.

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A few months ago, I and the ladies decided to visit Kapana festival, which is already a tradition in the city. The idea is just lovely – you can purchase handmade things directly from the people who make them and it’s fantastic that such creativity and hard work can be supported. I dislike the fact that nowadays we all became reckless consumers and we don’t value what we have, so I am glad to see that more and more people want to change it. I try to be mindful regarding what I buy (soon I will share something on this topic), I see amazing results and I wish more people put a thought on what they spend their money on and who are they paying to. I believe that everything is connected and we all need to change our consumerist mindset in order to significantly improve our lives.

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We had rooms booked in a really nice hostel Guest Rooms Contact. It is an affordable place with the perfect location – right next to the festival. Our host was so kind and cooperative and luckily, we even shared a passion for photography ♡

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

I believe every person is an artist as we all have the ability to create. No matter what it is – a simple dinner can be art, a photo, a song, a drawing, even a relationship. Whatever we chose to focus on, we can turn it into art if we step aside from the ego and let the soul do the job. So, I hope you can imagine how incredible I felt at the festival, surrounded by so many soul goodies. I am really pleased with what I bought and what I noted to buy in the future. I usually don’t like shopping but in a place like this, I don’t mind it at all. Below you may find my absolute favorite ideas but I strongly recommend to check out the festival yourself. This month there will be an autumn edition – 28-30 September. Be there if you can 🙂

Cupffee me – what an awesome zero waste idea – an eatable waffle cup for your coffee! And it’s vegan!


Maevski lamps and art – I am a huge fan of lamps, maybe because I like to read a lot. It’s always nice to light up your world with a well-designed piece of art 🙂


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As we were so close to the old town of Plovdiv, we couldn’t skip a walk on those little streets with impressive architecture, shops, and cats.

The real trove we found at the heart of the old town is Andromeda Art, an adorable store for art crafts. We found handmade ceramics, souvenirs, jewelry and guess what – a little photo exhibition! This sign and the magnets invited us inside.

We spent an hour there not only to choose gifts but because of all the details. Each one will surprise you 🙂

I hope you are now inspired to support local artists. Let’s help each other thrive 🙂

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